Hair Extensions


How did this all start may you ask?

Well, a very dedicated licensed stylist with 16 years in the industry, a hair extension guru with a dream. To supply all of her beautiful clients with the highest quality of hair extensions that last over 12 months at an affordable cost. Using overpriced and less than perfect hair for over 10 years from many different suppliers left Chelsea & clients feeling frustrated. This frustration then pushed her into researching, and testing different varieties for 2 years until she found the most luxurious hair shes always dreamed of. 


We proudly offer the highest quality of human hair extensions on the market at an affordable price. Our exclusive Bodaya Gold Hair is ethically sourced from the Russia & Mongolia area, cuticle intact, single donor, silicone free, unlike anything else you have seen before. 

Our manufacture is located in the beautiful city of Qingdao.